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School MIS

Blue Stream Limited in partnership with Cardinal Limited

offers Cardinal-SIMS software to provide required tool for school information management.

Cardinal – SIMS is affordable application software that enables School Owners or Administrators to efficiently process academic, parents/teachers and financial information system of their schools. It is a web based application software that guarantees 24/7 availability to the stakeholders viz; School Administrators, Teachers, Guardians and Parents.

The software provides flexible entry point for school administrators; it offers 5 levels of plans that can be implemented either in client/school private web site or rented site that we provide. Irrespective of your entry point, you can always scale up (move to next level) whenever the need arise (e.g significant increase in number of students) without issue.

The SIMS application currently runs in the following plans;

  • One off Purchase Plan (Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Premium)
  • Rented Plan (Mini, Small, Medium, Large and Premium)

These plans however are determined by the number of students, staff, parents and administrators to be registered in the system

Type of Schools

Cardinal SIMS has configurations for Nursery Schools, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.

User Experience

Cardinal SIMS provides easy to use, very friendly and graphical interface for the user and sufficient online assistance to ensure that users get the greatest experience they ever could imagine.

Online user guide is rightly accessible at any level of your operation.

Below is our pricing detail of the “Cardinal SIMS Application”;

Note :

  • The prices stated above are charged per school. That is, per Nursery/ Primary school or Secondary school. Schools in different locations are also charged separately. However, additional purchases are deployed at 20% discount per school.
  • Cardinal SIMS can be further customized to suit your school’s peculiar requirement. This option however, is only available for one off purchase option. Request for customization and additional features are charged based on the job requirement.
  • One off purchase packages can be upgraded at convenience for N60, 000 per 100 student entry

The SIMS application has eight functional modules accessible from its dashboard;

  1. Student Information System:- To register, Update and mange student’s information.
  2. Staff Information System:- To register, update and manage staff’s  information.
  3. Parent Information System:- To register, update and manage parent’s information.
  4. Result Management:- To manage student’s academic results
  5. Student Finance:- Manage student fees and financial status  
  6. Staff Finance:- Manage Staff payroll and financial status
  7. Expenditures:- Register, update and manage expenditures.
  8. Financial Status:- Reports financial performance and status.

The operating Dashboard at a glance

Cardinal SIMS Application Demo

You can have a feel of the Cardinal SIMS application software from our demo site https/prysims.testdomains.com.ng (username: prospective   Password: prospective). OR Contact us to arrange a convenient time with you for virtually demonstration of the SIMS application software.