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RealChurch System

Blue Stream RealChurch System is a web application designed to provide seamless management of Membership and Financial Accounts for your church, irrespective of size. The system offers a number of specialized modules designed to give your church a more quality membership information and transparent financial control.

RealChurch System is such software that is simple enough to understand and use but it offers couple of powerful and dynamic reports and contains enough features to save you time and money.

Why you need RealChurch app for your church:-

We know, you didn’t get into ministry to become an accountant or HRM. You became a church leader to make disciples and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
Still, every disciple (member) wants to have a sense of belonging, hence RealChurch System helps you keep closer contact with members – Get feedback from your congregation and deliver an experience that’s anticipated.
Also every church has to deal with finances. There are tithes and offerings coming in weekly. Meanwhile, there are bills to pay, needs to meet, and (often) salaries to be paid. It’s a lot to keep track of. This software can help you navigate this terrain, even if you’re not a whiz in Excel and don’t know a debit from a credit.  Also two other main reasons a church should invest in accounting software. First is that the right program will save you time. This will free you up from spreadsheets and receipts to focus on the work of ministry. RealChurch System helps you ensure Communication with volunteers – Manage donations more efficiently and keep volunteers informed about the church’s needs. It gives you detailed reports and analytics- Get the full insight into stakeholders, events, information about the congregation, and internal processes. Another important reason is that, as followers of Christ, we are called to a higher standard. Church accounting software will help you report all your donations and expenses accurately so that anyone who inquires will find you’ve operated with integrity on all fronts.