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Petroleum Dealership System

Petroleum products forecourt sales business is largely a cash business. Because of the liquid nature of cash, it is highly prone to loss through theft or pilferage.
The stock of petroleum products is equally very vulnerable to unethical deals by staff and Bulk Road Vehicle (BRV) drivers. Yet the Dealer’s margin is regulated and thin. His/Her profit, therefore depends on volume, cash, stock and cost controls. Ability to move volume is crucial. But fast turnaround time means high level physical cash handling and products order processing. The stock of petroleum products can be easily sold illegally therefore makes it highly tempting to steal or divert.

Blue Stream Software gives you a stress free Gas Station operational controls.

To minimize the risk of product and cash losses and aid effective cost control, the dealer needs to have in place an effective information system that facilitates online control of all operations of the business.
An effective management information system is the one that provides the shortest feedback loop, which enable the dealer to know what is happening in all the ramifications of the business in good tie and which in turn enables him/her to take immediate remedial actions to control the situation.

Ability to provide online information to control every aspects of petroleum products dealership business is what we offer with this our industry specific Software Application.
This software package is designed handle all aspects of forecourt dealership business; from products order processing (LPO raising), order delivery, stock control, forecourt sales, banking, order payments, accounting, bank reconciliation, budgeting. Mini-mart operation, to prepayments and fixed assets management.

Being industry specific, the design takes into accout the varying needs of different  types of petroleum product outlets. The standard of design provides the basic needs of filling stations and for dealers with modest resources.
The standard version being expandable, has facility for add-on modules vide: BRV fleet operation, Forecourt Mini-mart and Lub-bay maintenance services.